Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Week 19

Scarum Fair by Jessica Swaim
Read to 6th Grade
Targeted Skills: Have fun with poetry; Notice characteristics of poetry; Make inferences; Vocabulary development

It was 6th grade's turn to hear this great book. You can see more about his lesson in my Week 8 post.

3rd Grade
Targeted Skills: Review district's online resources to prepare for research; Vote for favorite Bluebonnet Book

To prepare students for research projects that they will be doing in class during the next few weeks, I reviewed our online resources. I focused on Kid's Click, and we discussed why this student-friendly search engine was a better option than Google. Each class then voted for their favorite Bluebonnet book. 4th--6th grades will vote next week.

Lesson Frame: 

Martin's Big Words by Doreen Rappaport
Read to 2nd Grade
Targeted Skills: Elements of drama; Make inferences; Connect to schema

This is one of my all-time faves, so I just had to read it in honor of Dr. King's day. I made the stretch and connected it to the curriculum-covered skill of the week (drama) by talking about how this was NOT a drama and how we could turn it into a drama or reader's theater. I think it's good to give kid's a non-example of something and talk about WHY it doesn't fit those elements rather than just pounding them with examples all the time. This just makes their brains work at a higher level to compare and contrast. I wish that I had a copy of the newest MLK picture book I Have a Dream illustrated by my fave Kadir Nelson! I willl definitley add this one to the collection on the next book order!

Lesson Frame:

And just for kicks, here is a picture of Kadir Nelson, my favorite illustrator. Those of you who faithfully read my blog will understand.

You can read more about him here
Little Red Hen by Jerry Pinkney
Read to 1st Grade
Targeted Skills: Elements of a Folk Tale

This is the same lesson that I did with Kindergarten last week. Read more here.

Mouse and Lion by Rand Burkert
Read to Kinder
Targeted Skills: Elements of a Fable; Compare a Fable to a Fairy Tale

This is a new version of this fable that I recently ordered. I do not like it as much as Pinkney's version, but it would make for a good paired reading to compare and contrast. The Kinders did a great job distinguishing between a fable and a fairy tale. They've got it down, and I give all of the credit to our classroom teachers.

Lesson Frame:

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